CPC Course Testimonials

I would recommend this class because it is a great course to learn the system of how to properly coach people and help them reach their goals. What I liked most about the class was when the instructor stood in front and spoke to us face to face.

Aaron A.
Spring Valley, NY

I was very happy with the instructor’s openness and experiences that were shared. I also felt he was very responsible, organized, and eager to assist us. I would recommend this class to others because life coaching is a skill that is used in many areas. It is a tool that can be used again and again even if not in a paid setting. Being aware of the skill and its empowering ability can help everyone better their listening skills.

Hindi G.
Brooklyn, NY

This was a short course that was full of information. My time was well spent and it was easy. It helped me feel empowered to open up a practice. I liked that the instructor answered all questions with respect and patience. I would have liked to see a video of a professional coach so that I can see how this process is done visually.

Esther H.
Brooklyn, NY

The class was very clearly taught by an excellent trainer.

Sarah G.
Brooklyn, NY

This course was great! Short, sweet and to the point! I liked that the instructor was very knowledgeable and clear.

Chana T.
Airmont, NY

The knowledge given in this class was excellent. The instructor motivated us to want to coach and explained it well so we can do it properly. He was very clear and enjoyable.

Frumy B.
Monsey, NY

This class would be good to improve parenting, communicate better with people, and become a good life coach. I liked that it was a small class and that the instructor made everything very clear, explaining everything.

Shoshana B.
Suffern, NY

This course clearly demonstrates what a coach is and how to be a successful coach in a short amount of time.

Esther L.
Brooklyn, NY

This program is a very comprehensive step-by-step program in learning life coaching. Yaakov walks you through the exercises and explains them in detail. I feel confident in the methodology of the program and instruction by Yaakov, empowering me as a life coach and giving me realistic client-coach examples.

Ingrid M.
Sherman Oaks, CA

I highly recommend this course. I feel that Mr. Grunstein is a fantastic teacher and goes over the lessons in a very interesting way. I learned a lot about how to feel more positive about myself and to find all the good within me. This made me feel empowered and now I feel that I can be a great coach!

Malky S.
Brooklyn, NY

I really enjoyed this course and felt like I was gaining knowledge in every class. The instructor is very clear and has a lot of patience.

Idel L.
Spring Valley, NY

Mr. Grunstein has outstanding and experienced skill in communication and teaching this course. His personality and sense of humor together with his intelligence has helped improve my own self-confidence and greatly motivated and energized me in continuing my pursuit of a career as a life coach.

Bryna W.
Monsey, NY

I highly recommend Mr. Grunstein’s course. I gained a tremendous amount of confidence in going to into the career of being a life coach.

Yides M.
Brooklyn, NY

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