Mediation - Corporate/Personal:
How does it differ from hiring an attorney or going to court?

Mediation - Think for a moment. At the point in time you feel you need to seek out an attorney or go to court, it means that communication has already broken down.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is inherently a less angry way to identify, and resolve the practical and legal issues that arise when a situation is no longer working for the partners. It is a process that involves all the partners equally and directly in reaching an agreement.

Mediation is an empowering experience especially if it successful, but even if not, you gain so much insight that it always pays to try it.

What I Offer

A neutral third party that would help resolve your case/conflict. Jeff is a skilled mediator and will help guide you through the process so it is as easy as possible regardless of how hard it may seem.

When to Use Mediation

It’s simple. In many cases people are more apt to listening to a neutral third party. Therefore, when you see communication starting to break down, go to a mediator while things are still somewhat amicable. This will give you optimal chances of settling things cordially and walking away with as much as possible.

However, even if you think that there is no hope and even if one of you already started in court, you can still use mediation.

Why Use Mediaton

Mediation can be done as binding or non-binding arbitration. The choice is yours! You have nothing to loose and a whole lot to gain. Your attorney may not like it because he/she may loose a lot of money on settling the case, but I have no problem working with the attorneys and allowing them to finalize any agreement.

Why Use Me if the Attorneys are Going to Finalize it Anyway?

I am a fraction of the price and our job is to resolve conflict. Sometimes it’s even beneficial to yourself to settle for less and avoid attorney’s fees, than fight for more but end up with less anyways. Whereas the attorneys’ job is to get the most he can for his/her client regardless of how much it may cost you!

I help mediate all situations from divorce to business to issues with employee and employer conflict and even family conflict.

How Mediaton Works

We discuss the issues at hand, peacefully between the parties and then draw up what is agreed upon. Both parties sign it and we send it to the attorneys. It’s really that simple! Of course you always have the option of having your own attorney look over the settlement.


Divorce deals with custody, equitable distribution of marital property, child support, alimony, etc. Employee and employer conflict may include issues such as harassment, discrimination, and sexual misconduct, etc. In business, there may be issues of reinvesting “business money” or splitting up the partnership. I will help you evaluate many of the circumstances that may arise in court and help you create a solution tailored to all the parties involved.

Whatever the situation, I can help resolve your issues and then have them legally drafted by an attorney. No need to waste time running to courts, trying to find attorneys, etc.

Do You Know Anyone or Have Heard of Someone Who Blames their Lawyer for a Bad Agreement, or for Outrageous Litigation Expenses?

Try Mediation, you will be surprised!

Need advice?

I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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