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Relationship Communication Skills – Learn how to communicate and gain clarity in your relationships. Whether it be in work, personal, or pleasure I am here to help you! Visit our website or call us today.

Learn how to deal with “life” issues, or just get some great tips on how to make your life better. Relationship communication skills taught by a Master certified professional coach will achieve that goal. Get started today for that better you.

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Grow and expand your business with business and corporate coaching.

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 Tired of going to court or fed up with unresolved issues?  Have your  issues RESOLVED with a professional mediator!  Save time, money and aggravation. Call us now to schedule your appointment today.  

Marriage during the psychotherapy

Jeff offers his expertise and vast knowledge and years of experience to his clients. He helps parents come to an amicable conclusion in the cases of divorce or child disputes. Your family needs are his top concern. Set up an appointment with Jeff  now.

Health Kinesiology

Get in sync with yourself and the world around you. Work through your issues (whether they are life long or recent). I use non-intrusive techniques (Health Kinesiology – HK) to help with life’s difficulties. Get started today call Jeff, start making  your life a better you. 

Media Loops

Jeff has many years of running successful events. He is also  a known for running high caliber events, and being well organized. In addition, Jeff is also the originator of many programming styles still in use today. Jeff has the ability to touch peoples lives for the better. Call and book your event today.

CPC Courses Boca Raton Florida

Jeff is the only person authorized to teach WGI’s course to become a Certified Professional Coach in the Tri-State area. Become a Master CPC trainer  contact Jeff at Peaceful  Resolution USA. Begin the career that will change your life, today!

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I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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