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Jeff was extremely instrumental and insightful when helping resolve several major family issues. He patiently helped deal with me and my teenage daughter’s relationship. His suggestions, clarity of thought and organized manner helped save my marriage on a different occasion as well. I am very grateful for his common sense approach which kept my family together through the rough times. Thank you.


As a life coach Yaakov is unbelievable. He is supportive and multi dimensional, he can come from a friend’s point of view and or a therapist if needed. He is caring but blunt and knows when to be which. Accommodating and open minded never a bore to be around. He knows many techniques to assist and can combine methods to help challenging circumstances. He is private and trustworthy. I would recommend him to anyone if they want to attempt to change or better themselves.

New York State

Yaakov, I never told you, but you helped a lot with the thing I was dealing with-you know, that guy. So I am wiser and more cautious now. Thank you again in case I did not thank you.


Need guidance on your relationship? Having a hard time getting into one? Want to make it last? Well then come to this seminar and find out the dos and dont’s. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.


I attended a weekend shabbaton by NYTWevents. The shabbaton was wonderful with a great mix of people. I enjoyed a shabbos afternoon seminar as well as an in person life coaching session. The seminar taught me about blocks and negativity and how to weed out those who were holding me back, in order to be able to have a healthy relationship. Yaakov is very insightful and patient and has brilliant ideas that will benefit anyone seeking a healthy and successful relationship. I highly recommend attending any seminars offered by him and to use the one on one life coaching to deal with private issues.
Thank You!

Sara Shulevitz Esq.
Former Prosecutor & Public Defender | Currently – Criminal Defense Attorney Miami/Dade

To say that I was hesitant about becoming a Certified Professional Coach, would be an understatement. As a social services professional, I had always looked at life coaching with a certain amount of disdain. I had spent years earning a Bachelors and Masters degree in my field and working to positively impact the clients served at my various jobs. The idea that a person could spend a relatively short amount of time in training and then be qualified to help people work through their toughest issues seemed ridiculous to me. Additionally, I had recently worked with a life coach and suffice it to say, it didn’t go well. I was hoping for an uplifting and empowering experience – however, I ended up feeling deflated, and worse than I had to begin with. Well, life – as it is wont to do, threw me one of those curve balls – burnout. With no idea what I wanted to do professionally, and this nagging feeling that I really ought to do something, I decided to give Yaakov and this WGI course a shot. And here’s why I’m glad I did – Coaching is all about YOU! You hold the keys to unlocking your potential, sorting through the baggage and, harnessing the courage to make that big change. The coach is there to help you through the process and encourage you along the way – but it’s your life and you’re in control. Now that’s pretty awesome. And last but not least, Yaakov is an awesome instructor! He is very thorough, gives a lot of examples and knows what he is talking about. He’s all knowledge and very little fluff , yet fun to take the course with. He keeps the class alive and not boring

NJ Social Worker (MSW)

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