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Event Planner – Jeff has organized successful events for various organizations as well as being the pioneer of several groups. Jeff is organized, as well as being the originator of many program styles still in use today. In addition, he is also known for organizing high impact events. Each event focuses on a specific task. Whether it’s business, team building, families or singles. The interactive workshops are geared specifically to that event. Jeff is certified in event organization. He will also¬† organize any special event that you may need. This includes cruises or speed dating events, to professional events suited for businesses. Jeff will give your event the proper attention it deserves. While making sure your event has maximum success.

As an event planner, Jeff specializes in business and corporate events. From team-building exercises to specific business outings and everything in between. He works with you to plan each and every event, ensuring that it runs smoothly and to your exact specifications. With years of planning and event organizing experience, you can be sure that Jeff will make your next personal or corporate outing an unforgettable experience. Beyond the office, Jeff also does specialty planning for weekends and vacations. He works with you and your specific needs in order to plan weekend getaways sure to impress and leave a lasting impact. So why settle for something ordinary? Jeff will plan your event to be the best you can imagine.

Specialty Events!

Mix & mingle in a fun and comfortable environment.

  • Meet People Just Like You
  • Speed Dating
  • Cruises/Outings
  • For the Professional & Classy
  • Learn How to Land a Date
Couple celebrating on the boat
Group of Business People with Presentation Concept

Event Planner - Corporate Events!

Get the most out of your employees

  • Evenings & Weekends
  • Team Building
  • Communication Techniques
  • Corporate Etiquette
  • Learn How to Separate Home & Work

Event Planner - Weekend Events!

Exciting weekends with customized workshops.

  • Holiday Events
  • Weekend Getaways
  • Learn Dating Techniques
  • Parent-Child Communication/Conflict
  • Customized Fun & Unique Experiences
Eilat - a resort town

Need advice?

I’m happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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